Involvement in International Politics

Jack Straw first gained international attention when getting involved in Chilean politics in the late 1990’s. The ex-President and Senator Augusto Pinochet, a well-known dictator, was detained by the English authorities despite having diplomatic immunity. Pinochet’s detention was condemned by the Chilean government for ...Read More

National Politics and Internal Affairs

The ascension of Jack Straw into national politics started at an early age, when he was attending the law school in Leeds. After becoming the president of the student’s union of his alma mater, Straw soon became the president of the NSU (National Students’ ...Read More

Biography and General Achievements of Jack Straw

Jack Straw’s real name was John. During his school years, inspired by historic figures, he changed his name to “Jack” Straw and kept it ever since. Native of Essex, Straw attended Brentwood School. His family supported the Labor Party, and at some stage in ...Read More

The British Labour Party

This center-left British political party came up in 1900 after a syndicates meeting of the Workers Committee took place. The Committee decided it was time for a new political party that stood for the needs of the growing working-class, given that the Conservative and ...Read More

Overview of the British Parliament

It is a well-known fact that Britain has a constitutional monarchy, which means the monarch is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government. At the same time, the parliament is supposed to stand for the people’s will. Long ...Read More

The original Jack Straw (14th C)

Going back in history, there was a significant event in England called the Peasant’s Revolt. Its reasons were the injustice of the feudal system, the Black Death, and the increase in tax as a result of the Hundred Years’ War, all recorded facts. The ...Read More