Biography and General Achievements of Jack Straw

biographyJack Straw’s real name was John. During his school years, inspired by historic figures, he changed his name to “Jack” Straw and kept it ever since. Native of Essex, Straw attended Brentwood School. His family supported the Labor Party, and at some stage in his teenage years, Straw decided that he would prepare to be a politician and a Member of Parliament. Later on, he started a law school in the University of Leeds, where he went on to be the president of the local student’s union.

In the late 1960’s, Straw was candidate of the National Student’s Union twice, winning the second time and holding office for two years before making it to Islington as Labor Councilor. Straw had a strong posture in terms of social and racial equality. Throughout most of the 1970’s, he worked as an attorney and political advisor with the Labor Party ministries.

Having achieved all of these endeavors, in the 1980’s, Jack Straw started a long career as a Member of the Parliament representing Blackburn (Lancashire); he occupied the parliamentary seat for a period of over 35 years, during which he had several different positions within the parliament. Straw was Shadow Cabinet for 10 years, Home Secretary for 4 years, Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary for 5 years, Leader of the House of Commons for 1 year, and Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice for 3 years until 2010.

During the 1990’s, Jack Straw also held the titles of Shadow Minister for Local Government & Housing, Shadow Secretary of State for Education & Science, and Home Secretary under Tony Blair’s leadership.

In order to restrain terrorism, Straw successfully proposed to put in place the RIP (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000) for the European Parliament Elections, a measure thought to be too extreme by the National students’ Union; this resulted in his expulsion from this organization.

In 2015, after being involved in a press scandal, he decided it was time to retire from politics and focus on his personal life.