An intricate system connected to their monarchy makes British politics complicated to the foreign eye. Those who live in the countries with far different governmental systems find it difficult to research on the past and current affairs involving the UK.

The following articles will present information on the present day British politics; the site will focus on the role of Jack Straw in the modern day British politics. As a Member of the British Parliament for almost 40 years until 2015, Straw had an active part in the important events which took place during this period. This site intends to point out the achievements and failures of British politics from a neutral perspective.

The story behind Jack Straw’s name will help find out how the use of collective memory plays an important part in political success. It turns out to be fascinating and important throughout English history.

In order to better understand other sections, the second article will briefly explain how the British state and government is composed by providing a quick overview of the British Parliament. Then, you will have a look at the Labor Party, one of the main parties in the UK.

You will continue with Jack Straw’s biography, from his first steps into politics, going through his work in the British parliament, and finally his retirement in 2015. From then onward, the articles will focus on how his actions had repercussions in public opinion.

The site would like to mention that despite his seemed willingness to enhance the British and European governmental systems, his flawed action facing the Iraqi War eventually led Jack Straw to lose popularity in the UK. Being a politician is never an easy task when it comes to making decisions that might affect your people in the long run.